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Ingenia is a leading consultancy to financial services businesses in Singapore. We carry out MAS regulatory compliance, assist in MAS licensing, execute internal audit and provide investment support .


As a trusted leader in regulatory compliance and internal audit in Singapore, we partner with our clients in wealth management, fund management, payment services, digital assets and crowdfunding to empower their businesses with our tailored solutions.

The expertise of our team in regulatory compliance, internal audit, licensing and investment solutions and our understanding of small businesses frees your resources to focus on your core business activities.




Licencing of Financial Institutions in Singapore

Overview of Financial Businesses Requiring a License in Singapore The provision of financial services in Singapore or targeting of customers in Singapore requires a licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”). The licence required depends on the specific activity the financial institution is carrying out. The below list of activities focuses on the most

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How to Access RegTech as a Small Financial Institution

Regulatory technology (“regtech”), a subset of financial technology (well known as “fintech”), seeks to achieve better regulatory outcomes through the use of technology. Regtech has been used by financial institutions for decades; for example, WorldCheck, a well-known tool used to screen customers. In recent years, regtech gained increasing traction among financial institutions for the efficiency

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Crowdfunding during Covid 19

COVID 19 has caused significant turbulence in the global markets. Global stock markets have yet to recover and traditional assets are less attractive in the current situation. However, a potential bright spark could be seen in the crowdfunding space. As fall-out from COVID 19 has placed enormous pressure on businesses, numerous reports have been compiled

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Understanding the Inconveniences and Risks of Blockchain Technology

Inefficiencies of the Blockchain A digital token’s blockchain functions much like the Torrens land titles register system. If the digital token’s blockchain, a register of digital assets (the “Register” or the “Blockchain”), reflects the user’s digital payment tokens (“DPTs”), the user’s ownership is proved. The assets are recorded in addresses (the “Address”) on the Register

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Licences of Interest to External Asset Managers

External asset managers (“EAMs”) generally provide asset management services to high net worth individuals (“HNWI”) for their segregated accounts on a discretionary basis through a power of attorney, or on an advisory basis. Aside from these core activities, certain EAMs engage in additional activities such as the management of proprietary funds, distribution of funds and

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Comprehensive support in compliance with MAS regulations.

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Expert assistance for your application for an MAS license.

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Professional, independent, cost-effective internal audit with practical recommendations

Investment Solutions

Off-the-shelf and bespoke support in asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management.

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