Effective compliance with your regulatory obligations as a financial institution in Singapore

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The navigation of MAS regulations and regulatory developments is daunting for any financial institution. Regardless of the extent of your regulatory obligations or compliance challenges, our compliance consultants have industry leading skills, expertise and draw on extensive experience to meet your compliance requirements.

Tailored to Meet Your Compliance Needs

You can choose to entirely outsource your compliance obligations to Ingenia or request for support on specific regulatory challenges as best fit for your operations. With peace of mind as a compliant financial institution, you can focus your efforts on driving your business. Ingenia takes pride in supporting its clients and keeping them sustainable.

Technology Leveraged for Your Business

Our outsourced compliance includes access to and the use of our compliance tools for your AML/CFT screening, trainings and policy management. You benefit from the enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of these regtech tools at no additional cost.

Our core Outsourced Compliance services include:

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Meet Our Head of Regulatory and Risk Services

Rolf Haudenschild , Head of Regulatory and Risk Services

Rolf is recognised for his expertise and practical support in compliance with regulatory requirements under the Securities and Futures Act, the Financial Advisers Act and the Payments Services Act. Drawing on his experience in legal and compliance with leading global and Asian private banks and a regulator, Rolf is keenly aware of regulatory risks and provides robust regulatory solutions. He has assisted external asset managers, fund managers and payment service providers in their licensing. He has established compliance frameworks for these new financial institutions and enhanced frameworks of existing financial institutions to accommodate regulatory developments and changes in their business. He has drafted policies and procedures and created controls across regulatory topics such as corporate governance, anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism, marketing and distribution, conduct, assessment of outsourced service providers, and the confirmation of accredited investors. In parallel, he is advising financial institutions on the regulatory requirements for their business and changes therein by assisting them in answering regulatory inquiries as well as the creation and implementation of suitable processes.

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