Ingenia offers a full suite of outsourced compliance taking care of all your regulatory compliance obligations for you. Ingenia’s compliance team will assess and monitor your clients, the standing of your staff and assist you in evaluating and monitoring your business partners. In addition, we will monitor regulatory developments and help you prepare amendments to your policies and procedures and prepare and submit your regulatory reporting.

No matter what the scope your company requires, Ingenia offers the right flexible solution to meet your needs on a regular and ad-hoc basis as required.

Outsourced Compliance

We take care of your firm’s full compliance obligations.

Compliance Assistance

We provide on-demand assistance to your compliance queries and for additional resources.

Compliance Projects

• Policy drafting and amendment
• Gap analysis
• Compliance training
• Enterprise-wide risk assessment

Our core Outsourced Compliance services include:

  • Drafting of a compliance framework including policies and procedures
  • Review and proposal of amendments to your policies and procedures
  • Monitoring of regulatory requirements
  • On-boarding and on-going KYC and CDD
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Regulatory HR support
  • Maintenance of statutory registers, e.g. securities register, outsourcing register
  • Business continuity management
  • Investment reviews: balanced score cards, processes and review of breaches
  • Regulatory assessment of new services, products and organisational structures
  • MAS reporting: Preparation, review and filing of regulatory returns and surveys
  • Firm-wide compliance training
  • Client complaint management
  • Personal data protection
  • Outsourcing (assessment of service providers)
  • Sales compliance support

Other Key Offerings


At Ingenia, our team will be available to you throughout the licencing process, helping you navigate the process with simplicity and precision.

Investment Solutions

Binjai Hill Investment Solutions offers off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions to support you with asset allocation, portfolio construction, risk management and provide you with information to help execute our strategic and tactical allocation of investments.


Ingenia's professional internal audit team provide you uncomplicated internal audit with the required independence. We establish a robust framework and assess your business with a risk-based approach.

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