Many professionals, after gaining extensive experience in large financial institutions, look to create their own, more agile establishments. Our straightforward three-step service plan will assist you in starting, establishing, and growing your external asset management business successfully.

ow Do Private Bankers Build Their Own External Asset
Management (EAM) Business In Asia?

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Custodial Arrangements

Staff Requirements

Independent directors Selections

Trading Platform


IT Needs

Office Location & Set-Up

EAM Desk Selection Criteria

Compliance/ Audit / Mass Requirements

Questions to ask before launching a project are:

  • Who are the right third party providers
  • What budget is required for my needs?
  • How long will this process take?
  • What skillsets do i need to get this done?
  • How will i keep track of progress

Ingenia has done the hard work for you

  • 3rd party providers with specific expertise can greatly improve your chance of success.
  • There are a range of budgets to choose from depending on your needs.
  • It can take several months to approve your license while also trying to establish your platform.
  • Ingenia has experienced staff and the right contacts to help you through the entire process.
  • The entire project can be monitored and reported to you on the basis that you require.

The Ingenia Approach To Getting You Started

The EAM Solution is broken into 3 sections but can be segmented in a way that allows you to pick and choose any component that compliments your existing resources and budget. Operating on a flat free model, Ingenia will work with you, on whatever you need done to ensure that your EAM business is launched on time


There are activities that need to be arranged prior to submitting the CMS application or at least needed prior to beginning your service


It is also vital to establish the activities within your business that are required for trading and for your client activities


There are many 3rd party providers that are either required due to either regulatory requirements or are there to assist in building your business through their experience and/or pricing power

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We are ale to operate along side your business, leaving you free to focus on serving your clients.


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