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Binjai Hill Investment Solutions focus on investment solutions to our clients by offering off the shelf and bespoke products to support you with portfolio construction, manage risk and provide you with information to help execute your strategic and tactical allocation of investments. 

Our advisory services are specifically built to our client’s requirements and portfolios. Using either on or offline resources we supply our clients with the tools to make lucrative investment decisions.

We partner with our clients to provide cost-effective tailored solutions allowing businesses to access the foremost experts in investing without the overheads of hiring in-house.

We support our clients with effective customised services, solutions, and software in the key areas of the financial ecosystem.

About Us

What we do

Support CIO
rather than OCIO(Outsourced CIO)
Our Support CIO package gives you access to our entire Investment solutions suite, but the key difference is that we also provide a personal point of contact with our Chief Investment Officer. Our CIO, along with his team, have over 30 years of experience in global asset management. Many platforms simply provide information and expect the Asset Manager to know exactly what to buy, sell, and hold. However, we go to the next and most important step and give you all the investment support you need.

EAM/WM/FO’s Investment Process
Help develop an institutional approach to the selection of assets for your client portfolios.

Portfolio Management
Help to construct, risk manage and/or maintain portfolios on a daily basis.

Provide Independent Research
to support your idea generation


FOUNDER & CIO of Binjai Hill Investment Solutions
Justin has over 34 years of experience in investing across a wide range of assets in both broking and management roles in Asia and Europe including providing multi-asset advice since the early ‘90s. He has a proven track record with the Binjai Hill Asian Acorns Equities fund which has averaged double-digit returns since 2004. Currently the Co Founder and Head of Investment Solutions at Binjai Hill Investment Solutions Pte Ltd and a CIO and CIO consultant to several licenced wealth managers in the region starting in 2012, providing investment support that includes top-down views, asset allocation; portfolio construction, funds, alternatives and direct equity selection working with an investment team of 9.

Core Services

Financial business graph chart analysis stock market graph background / Stock market or forex trading graph and candlestick chart indicator for financial investment concept

Premium offering for Asset managers is our Support CIO package. It not only gives you access to the entire Investment Solutions suite, but the key difference is that we provide a personal point of contact with our Chief Investment Officer.

Macro Economic Analysis
Asset Allocation (SAA/TAA)
Support CIO
Portfolio Construction
Model Portfolios
Funds Selection / Alts Fund Selection
Individual Fixed Income & Equities FX
Technical Analysis
Risk Management

Yasaka or Yasaka-no-to Pagoda also known as Hokan-ji Temple with preserved wooden town at dusk, Higashiyama district, Kyoto, Japan. Famous travel destination landmark in Kansai.

Private assets help investors diversify away from traditional portfolios and help generate high return on investments. Our Private Assets services include distribution of funds & due diligence.

Single Deals
Projects – Individual Deals

Global network for technology and future concept

EAMs have the opportunity to have elements of their business reviewed or we can construct anything that is missing. We are able to operate along side your business, leaving you free to focus on serving your clients.

EAM/WM/FO’s Investment Process
Business Model Investment
Operational Overview
Marketing & Branding design

Investment Process

Our strengths and selling points

We access global macro activity for instant opportunity.
We access bottom up opportunities.
We monitor all active positions, daily.

We are an experience team. We can customize a solution to your requirements. We aim for stability and continuity.

DISCLAIMER: Our Investment Solutions provides its services only to licensed financial institutions. The securities and/or financial instruments recommendations and comments presented should not be considered as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities and/or financial instruments. These investments are subject to market risks and there is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of the recommendations will be achieved. Binjai Hill Investment Solutions Pte Ltd relies on a variety of data providers for economic and financial market information. The data used in our reports are judged to be reliable, but Binjai Hill Investment Solutions Pte Ltd disclaims any and all liability in the event any information, commentary, analysis, opinions, advice and/or recommendations prove to be inaccurate, incomplete or unreliable, or result in any investment or other losses.

Other Key Offerings


Ingenia's professional internal audit team provide you uncomplicated internal audit with the required independence. We establish a robust framework and assess your business with a risk-based approach.

Regulatory Compliance

At Ingenia, we support you strategically and proactively to strengthen your organization. We design an effective compliance framework for your company, assist you in the challenging tasks, and run your compliance function proficiently for you.


At Ingenia, our team will be available to you throughout the licencing process, helping you navigate the process with simplicity and precision.

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