Macro, Political Risk, Business Cycle and Fundamental Analysis

Global macroeconomic trends form the underlying basis behind portfolio construction. Understanding where the world and constituent countries are in terms of GDP and inflation will reveal positioning in the business cycle, and which factors to keep an eye out for.

Ingenia has more than 30 years’ experience in Political Risk and Global Economic Strategy in providing in-depth analysis of macro events to Investment institutions, government agencies and corporations.

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Ingenia’s subscription service condenses all the information that is available and filters it into a concentrated form that allows you to focus on what is relevant for your clients’ investments. 1
Ingenia provides two main services, in the Daily ‘J’ and the Market Reviews, which comes to you via email each day.

Find out more on our Centennial Group subscription service that specialises in this area.

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Markets Reviews keeps you on top of markets

  • Our daily market wrap-up, condensed for convenience
  • Like the Daily J, we sift through the noise to ensure only concise news on overnight markets 1

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Implications for portfolios comes through on the “Daily J”

  • A daily newsletter with a focused view on all things macroeconomic
  • We filter out the noise to bring you what is important and relevant to your portfolios

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