Personal Data Protection Policy

This personal data protection policy covers the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data collected/submitted to pages of

Ingenia may change this policy by updating this page. You may find the effective date of the policy below.

Date: 13 November 2017

Collection and Use of Data

Ingenia may collect personal data from its website, namely, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Name,
  • Email address,
  • Other personal information explicitly provided by the user,
  • Demographic information,
  • Technical information regarding the access of the user to the website, in particular, IP address, type of operating systems, duration of stay, re-bounce rate, and revisit rate.

Data collected from the user from explicit inquiries/comments by email or web interface will be used by Ingenia to provide information/services as required/requested by user. In addition, the contact may be entered into our marketing list.

Technical data captured automatically by the server may be collected and used for data analytics, for example to improve the user interface and functionality of the webpages or the marketing efforts of Ingenia. Data captured automatically will be collected, stored and used anonymously.

Data Retention

Data provided by the user by any means will be kept by Ingenia for five years, unless specific regulations require another duration.

Data Security

Ingenia will store the data collected within the servers of the website and private servers. Backups of the private servers be encrypted and uploaded into Ingenia’s repository on AWS.

Ingenia will make adequate efforts, train, and educate employees on data protection.

In the unfortunate event that data provided through the website is leaked, Ingenia shall not be liable for any damages.

Requests regarding Personal Data

In the event of discovering any data leakage or to request any removal or correction of personal data collected and held by Ingenia, please contact us during office hours at +65 6909 1563 or email us at We will strive to respond to you within three working days.