Risk Management Services

We utilise an in-house monitoring system designed to generate a review flag on any security in the Ingenia’s instrument universe that breaches our internal measures of risk. We also include our client’s holdings to ensure minimal downside risk. The key to a successful asset management firm is the risk framework that governs the business. It is not best practice to simply hold an asset and not monitor the key factors that influence its performance.

Ingenia believe that Risk management is not a static process, but one that is dynamic, requiring strong diligence in keeping aware of where investments can go wrong or for broader areas of business risk.

Portfolio risk management set ups;
Stop losses are based on a technical process that is designed on real time. Position size, liquidity, concentration are some of the factors reviewed along with cross-correlation between and within asset classes.

Where required, notifications are distributed to clients, keeping them up to date with material changes. This ensures timely information is provided for the investment decision process. One such example is provided below:

Daily Risk Report

For illustration purposes only

Ingenia sees this area of the business as vital for any Asset manager looking to advise clients on their money.