We use a conviction-based approach in looking for the best risk-adjusted returns across asset classes.

Both construction and rebalancing often involve conviction lists to monitor markets and ensure that we are invested in the right place, at the right time.

While investments are typically made with a long-term view in mind, markets often move on their own volition and sentiment can often allay economic fundamentals. As such, we keep an eye out for opportunities to generate alpha, and also to relinquish overly risky assets or those which have already met our return targets.

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Conviction Lists and Trading Ideas

Ingenia is also aware that investors with less than a six-month trading view will have different investment requirements. Therefore, whilst portfolio models and TAA will suit most clients, there are others that will take advantage of Ingenia’s “best trading ideas”. These ideas extend across direct equities, fixed income new issuance and High-Yield ideas, as well as Foreign currency pair trades. This is a key differentiation from those that simply produce an ‘approved list’ to choose from.

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Ingenia believes it is important to add value across equities, FX, Fixed Income and Commodities, by providing a view on how client portfolios should be positioned across these assets.

There are a number of complexities involved in trying to apply a global TAA strategy.

It is important to be able to be across what is happening around the globe and identify the key drivers for market movement. Ingenia keeps clients informed of the broader activity and how it will flow into investment decision making in not only equities but also in the fixed-income and foreign exchange markets.

As highlighted below, each country has its own geopolitical issues which need to be carefully assessed and applied into a potential weighting across a country, index, or business sector. Ingenia makes this easy for you, as we have the skill set to not only monitor these implications, but provide insight into how it applies across your models and client holdings.


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Italian Elections


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NK Aggression


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