Broad asset allocation is made with a focus on economic conditions, regulation, political, and sector trends. By knowing where to invest, factor tilts can be made and portfolios well-positioned to capitalise on the market environment.

Ingenia has in-depth resources and experience across all five asset classes and is able to extract the “in-house” knowledge of the factors that are relevant to each asset class.

Bottom-Up Expected Returns

Market data is updated on a daily basis. Any adverse movements will be highlighted by the risk management system, ensuring that all relevant information is constantly monitored.

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Ingenia can provide an appropriate weighting across country indices, asset classes and sectors, in addition to equity and funds recommendations.


Each investment receives a level of conviction, based on a valuation that takes into account the level of risk involved.

As investments are regularly reviewed, any changes to recommendation in either funds or equities, will be made known to clients through email as well as through the client portal on the Ingenia website.

Direct Fund Recommendations

Unlike the larger banks, we aim to select best-of-breed funds independently of any bias, with a focus on seeking to enter into the most appropriate share class with the lowest management fees available. We have a rigorous and dynamic process as follows:

  • We identify the relevant universe and run a quant screen based on performance over 1, 3, 5 & 10Y, and compare vs. volatility and Sharpe ratio.
  • From this we extract the top funds and examine their structures including liquidity, redemption features, management fees, if have hedged share classes etc
  • We then meet the fund to review qualitative aspects such as style, risk management, investment process, alpha creation, decision making. The funds are then ranked.
  • A recommendation note is produced on the top fund which will include a focus on the relevant ISIN number and any other practical factors.
  • Once a fund is in portfolios it is tracked against the relevant benchmark and its closest peers on a weekly basis

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Direct Equity Recommendations

  • The investment universe is defined as Asia ex Japan in the Small to Mid Cap sector which has a total number of securities in excess of 10,000 securities.
  • From this we screen for market capitalisation size, Liquidity and Valuation metrics as well as exclude certain sectors we are less keen on
  • We then conduct fundamental research on the management, financials, the business model and any potential price catalysts.
  • This produces a 100-STOCK focus list which is tracked weekly and is updated as we add / drop stocks from this list
  • Once a stock is selected we undertake a formal recommendation for inclusion into the portfolio which includes an absolute target price (‘SHARE PRICE TARGET’ or ‘SPT’), the level of conviction and a time horizon for investment as well as a stop-loss for risk mgt.
  • Once a formal recommendation is completed we then decide on the size of the position and how we will enter the position
  • Once an equity is in a portfolio it is tracked dynamically against expectations and we closely monitor news flow and research comments.  We pay careful attention to quarterly results and explicitly review our base case and SPT

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